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【10個生活中常用的word pairs片語】10 common daily word pairs👣👣👣


今天呢Keivn要來跟大家分享10個生活中常用到的word pairs片語

什麼是word pairs

英文中有許多片語會利用and跟or來做連接,而word pairs便是指這一類型的片語,舉例來說:Let’s see and wait.  See and wait就是一組word pairs





1. now and then 有時、偶爾
Every now and then something unexpected happens in the morning and leave you no time to make breakfast.


2. ifs or buts 藉口(常用:no ifs or buts)
There’s no ifs or buts in the army.


3. more or less 或多或少
She seems more or less familiar with this subject.


4. touch and go 非常不確定(危險因素)
It was touch and go after the surgery, we wouldn’t know if he would survive it.


5. peace and quiet遠離吵雜
All I want is peace and quiet, so I won’t bring my phone during the vacation.


6. slowly but surely緩慢成長
Keep practicing on English every day you will progress, slowly but surely.


7. there and then馬上、及時
I took an eye on the car and decided to buy it there and then.


8. pros and cons贊成點或反對點

They spent hours debating pros and cons of setting up their firm.


9. grin and bear it咬牙隱忍
My son cries every night, but I’ll just have to grin and bear it. 


10. take it or leave it要不要隨便你
The car costs $5000, take it or leave it.



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