Speak a language within a week

People spend a lot of time studying and remembering those words from the textbook, but when they meet a native speaker they cannot even say a complete sentence.
Follow these tips and you can be a fast learner as well.


During quarantine: I start learning French

With the rage of Coronavirus, numerous people like you and me get stuck at home. I guess you might feel bored. Here is what I am doing, start the language that I always want to learn: French. If you have interested in French but don’t know how to start, then keep reading.


Learning English with “Find me in Paris”

Want to learn English from the serie but don’t have time to do that? Well, I’ve sorted all the important phrases that can be used in the daily life from “Find me in Paris”


I want to learn a language, but…

If you are reading this article, I truly believe you are a wanna-learn-language “thinker”. C’est bonne(It’s good)! The only 2 things you need now are a way to conquer the devil inside you and persistence.


Those Benefits You Don’t Know To Learn Languages-Part 2

Needless to say, watching videos is one of the best ways to learn a language. You can mimic what people do and repeat what they say(This way is called “Shadowing”). It would be very interesting. Here, I wanna provide some video resources.