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I want to learn a language, but…


I can't learn another language

I can't learn a language well

Why you are willing to learn numerous languages? 

How can you deal with so many words in different languages at once?

You must be very smart. You are a legend, bro.

I don’t have time and also I don’t have language talent

Above are some doubts and admires I’ve heard from those who are close to me. If you haven’t read my articles Those benefits you don’t know to learn languages-Part 1  and Part 2, I really recommend you to take a visit. 


Further more, if you are learning Spanish now and struggling with that, I also wrote an article about How I Learn Spanish In One Year On My Own. Inside I provide some resources for you to learn Spanish and I hope you enjoy my story and get benefit from it.  


Those excuses I've heard

If you are reading this article, I truly believe you are a wanna-learn-language “thinker”. C’est bonne(It’s good)! However, there is a demon between thinking and practicing.

Language demons

Let’s find out these devils

(🍎:The frequency I’ve heard)


1. I will mix different languages together(🍎)

Here, I have to admit that it’s true, but how to defeat this devil? Well, I want to tell you, “It’s probably a good thing”. 

Take “chao” as an example

In both Spanish and French(different spelling, same sound), “chao” means “goodbye”, but do you know it means “hello” in Italian? However, think about it. When you recite these similar words, you can save a lot of time and also you will be amazed how interesting it is to know variety cultures via just one single word.


It is quite normal to mix different languages, but it also means you are making progress. It happens because your brain is producing some kind of association between different languages. Trust me, you will defeat this devil once you master the language. 


2. My 2nd language is not good enough(🍎🍎)

Well, I had the same thought while I decided to learn my third language. I kept blaming myself why I couldn’t speak English(which is my second language) well even I’d spent a huge amounts of time on it. At that moment, I doubted if I was capable of learning a third language. 

Join language-exchanged activities

After that, I started to join some language-exchanged activities and I met some people who were able to speak 5 to 10 languages very well. They told me that the more languages I learn, the more association of ideas between each language I will come up with, and finally, come back to improve my English(my 2nd language). 

Give it a shot-Learn one new language

To improve my English, I am willing to give different methods a shot. You know what? Voilà, it’s pretty amazing that I found out my English really improved after I learnt Spanish for a while! Bonus, I got lots of friends and knew more Spanish cultures through speaking their languages!      


If this devil really bothers you a lot, maybe now it’s the time to give yourself a new way to defeat it. Take it as an experiment. Slowly and gradually, you will be surprised like me!     


3. I don’t have language talent(🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎)

This is the most common reason I’ve heard. I’ve already told you that I was bothered by the 2nd devil, my English was not good even I’d spent much time on it. Do you think I am a person who is talented to learn languages? To be honest, for me, I don’t think so.  

 Mimic how native speakers describe a thing, their emotions and tones

When I learnt English, I forced myself to recite a lot of words and grammars. One of my friend told me, “Imagine how a child learn things, via mimicking, isn’t it?” Perhaps at first you don’t know what people are talking about, and you feel like you are an outsider in the group. 

One sweet suggestion:

 Don’t run away and open your ear to accept all the sounds. 

Gradually, you will get familiar with the sounds and you will find out some words repeating again and again. Focus on these words(ill words, interjections…whatever) and how people use it. 


The real problem is not about the talent, but the way you use and the time you’re willing to spend. Why not give yourself a chance to step forward and find a good learning way to defeat this devil.   


4. I want, but I don’t have time for that(🍎🍎🍎🍎)  

If you are in quarantine or you can’t go out due to Coronavirus, maybe it’s the best time to say goodbye to this devil. Here, I find an interesting video for you, enjoy.   



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Kevin Amethyst

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