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Learning English with “Find me in Paris”


Intro of "Find me in Paris"

Helena ‘Lena’ Grisky, a Russian princess from 1905, is training to be a ballerina at the Opéra de Pari. She has a boyfriend called Henry who once gave her a necklace which has magic power to bring people travel through time. One accident she traveled from 1905 to 2018.


It is a whole new modern world for her. Meanwhile Lena must attend ballet school at the modern Opéra de Paris in order to keep her identity a secret and remain in Paris until she can return to 1905. Here, she needs to learn how to get used to the new environment. Also, she wants to “Stand out“, so she starts to learn how to get current. (She is really a fast learner, I will give her that.)

Time travel is a little clichéd

After reading the intro, you probably figure out it is a serie for teenagers or kids. Well, that’s take it down a notch. I want to say is…that’s the point! While I learn English via videos, I prefer to watch those talked about teenagers, campus, and so on…cause those words, phrases and sentences inside are exactly what people use in daily life. That is the first suggestion I want to share with you.  


OK, time to start learning English from it. Let’s check it out!

(I use those white blocks to cover Chinese subtitle on the pics👇cause it’s pretty hard to find resource with only English subtitle)

Phrases we can learn

1. He is a sick dancer

When somebody says you are sick or that is so sick, don’t be hurry to fight back. Nowadays, the youngsters like to use negative adjective to exaggeratedly express a positive admire or surprise.  Thus, it depends on the situation.

It could mean you are really ill, sometimes it means you are far from normal.

What are you doing? You must be sick.

Sometimes it could be totally opposite meaning, like very good, 

Oh my gosh, that’s so sick. I am so touching! 

Sometimes it means immersing in something positive.

You are a sick dancer, aren’t you.  

2. level with me

Level with me here means you need to be honest with me. Imagine that if now I have a secret, and you need to share me a secret so that we will be on the same level. Likewise, be honest with me so that you can earn my trust.

Come on, level with me. I want to know the reason.

3. spill it

Spill means (cause to) fall or spread, for example: 

I spilled the coffee on my shirt, today is really not my day. 

However, spill it here means speaking out. You can imagine the words falling down from your mouth. 

Be level with me so that I’ll spill my secret.

Intro of "Find me in Paris"

4. gonna schooled her

Do you believe that school can also be a verb? Let’s think what we can do in the school. Get education, right? So here gonna schooled her means teach her a lesson and let her know who is the queen here.

 Let’s schooled him to show him who’s the badass in this town.

5. make a run for it

It means someone who cannot endure something and try to run away. Of course you can just say “run away from it”, but don’t you think make a run for it sounds more friendly😁   

 Don’t try to make a run for it, it’s your responsibility to finish the assignment.

6. loose (sb) up

Loose (sb) up means ease up or calm down. I guess Lena in the serie misunderstood the guy and thought he wanted her to wear looser.  

  I want to show you this. It might loose you up.

7. I’ll give him that

Don’t be so literal. Sometimes people say I’ll give him that but they won’t say what that is. It could means that you’ve done something well and earned their approval.  

 Oh crap, he is such a sick rapper, I’ll give him that.

8. stand out

This phrase can be used on something, also can be used on someone. When you hear something or someone stand out, it means it/he/she is totally distinguished.  

 If you keep learning English day by day, one day you will stand out from the crowd. 

9. go viral

This phrase is very popular recently. This viral here is not talking about the real virus like Corona. Go viral means something spreads on the computer rapidly, like virus rages on the Internet.  

 I didn’t expect my post would go viral when I posted it.

10. lay low

Imagine during the class, your teacher wants somebody to answer one question which you don’t know. What you are gonna do? Lay down your head and keep silence, don’t you? Likewise, if you don’t want anyone to know what you do, you will keep quiet. You can use either lay low or keep a low profile to describe this situation.  

 Our teacher is not in the mood today, we should lay low. Don’t irritate him.

11. rein that in

In fairy tale, Santa likes to ride reindeer. “Rein” is the rope bonded on the reindeer. If you hear someone asks you to rein in, it probably means that you are too over and you have to pull the rein back.

 You are not good at hiding emotion, right?

 I recommend you to rein in your smile for a while.

12. see you strut your stuff

Strut your stuff is equal to show your ability. Most of situation it is used on dance.

 A: Check it out.

B: Let’s see you strut your stuff.

Another thing I learnt from the serie

I wanna show you some short cuts from the serie. Then I will tell you how it inspires me.

Did you think that Lena in the film looks so clumsy? Well, that is how we learn things! Let’s rewind our memory to the time you started to learn your mother tongue. The first step was mimicking, wasn’t it. From my perspective, mimicking is a very crucial thing for learning English. At first, you might look suck and everyone makes fun of you. However, as time goes by,  you will become better and better. Instead, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly.🦋🦋🦋


So, why not pick up this serie to see how they use the phrases you learnt today and try to mimic their emotion and the tones when they speak these phrases! 


Learning English in a right and interesting way ^^


Learning English with italki
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